I LOVE writing romance! Why? Because it feels amazing to spend my days writing about people falling in love and getting sexy with each other. And it feels natural. When something feels natural, it comes easy. 🙂

Romance is something we love to fantasize about. It increases the number of happy hormones in our body, makes us feel good, and keeps our sex lives busy. Whether or not we lead satisfactory love lives, thinking romantic thoughts always provides that good feeling that has the power to get us through the darkest of times. 

And that’s why I love romance too. 🙂

Here a few facts about me as a person:

I began writing at the age of seven. I was an avid reader from the very beginning. I fell in love with books, music, movies, nature, sports, culture, science, history, and the arts. I taught myself English and German, and ended up studying seven languages. I’m autodidactic. There is something in me that always drives me toward learning and improving my life. Pain-free living is what I believe in and strive toward, which is why health and well-being are a priority. Learning about the world and the functioning of my body isn’t only mental for me. Learning is also a physical and a spiritual experience.

I write sexy romance as Jessie Jasen and erotica as Candy Redford.

You can find my books as Jessie Jasen on Amazon amazon.com/author/jessiejasen

and as Candy Redford amazon.com/author/candyredford

I’m active on social media. I post fun stuff about me and my books. Come and connect with me