The Dark Is Beaten By Light

In “Rise Of The Guardians,” Jack Frost is the rascal Guardian who bring us snow and frosty weather. Jack throws snowballs at kids and charms the sulky ones among them, with a wink of magic, into being happy. But Jack himself can’t share happiness with children. Children believe in Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Sandman and Tooth Fairy, the other Guardians of light, but not in Jack Frost. Jack therefore remains invisible to the human world, unlike his fellow Guardians.

Jack struggles with his invisibility until one day, the Moon choses him as head Guardian to fight evil spirit Pitch from overtaking the world alongside Santa Clause North, Bunny, Sandman and Tooth Fairy. Pitch comes after children in their sleep, turning dreams into nightmares, joy into fear, and carefreeness into worry. Pitch stands for the dark side of humanity, whereas the Guardians stand for the light. The battle of two worlds will be decided not through fist fights and muscle volume, but by what humanity will choose to believe in — the dark or the light.

“Rise Of The Guardians” is a story of good vs. evil told through a philosophically simple, yet powerful plot, astonishing 3D graphics (one of the best 3D movies I’ve ever seen), and carefully drawn idiosyncrasies of the characters. It tells us that the most basic, most powerful warfares of dark vs. light take place on the battlefields inside our heads. The side that wins will dominate our personal destiny. Multiplied by a multitude, the destiny of one person becomes the destiny of the entire human kind. This simple truth is underlined by Santa’s own recipe against fear — when you’re afraid, go ahead and have fun. In no time, your fear will look smaller, until it diminishes completely. Fun and play turn fear into love and game. “Rise Of The Guardians” is a fun way to begin the holiday season.

Rise Of The Guardians

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Family
Director: Peter Ramsey
Stars: Hugh Jackman, Isla Fisher, Alec Baldwin